Competitive Masters Events

Masters Competitive Swimming

East Leeds Masters compete in both the pool and open water events. In addition to this, we compete in the ASA National T30 event. This is currently organised by Karen Graham for East Leeds. As a club we are very active in utilising social media to publicise applicable swim events. Further details can be found on our facebook page, with full details of the event and a link to the ASA event page for more information.

To be eligible to swim in a competition, swimmers must be registered with the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA). Prior to entering a competition that is listed on the ASA website (or in our calendar), you must be registered with the ASA. To register with the ASA, there are a number of ways to do this:

  • join a swimming club, such as East Leeds and pay both the club fee and the registration fee for the ASA. The Club will then manage the registration for you;
  • apply for temporary membership, this has to be done separately for each competition and it's subject to the competition accepting entries from temporary members; or
  • student membership for those eligible; this covers the academic year (October-September), rather than the calendar year.

If you would like to join East Leeds Masters Swimming Club then email our Team Manager David Alexander at or complete our membership form and we will be in touch.